Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Big Apple

It has taken me forever to sit down and post about New York, so I'm going to do my best to get the trip "blogged" over the next few days!  

Day I

Our flight left San Antonio at 6:30 AM...arrived at the airport at 5.  Met Michael's parents to take us to the airport at 4:45...early!  

When we arrived in New York we went to get our bags and walked outside to catch a cab to the hotel.  We have never tried to "catch" a cab before.  There was a man standing in a suit and he asked if we needed a ride, so we said, "Yes."  He walked with us to the edge of the stre
et and said the driver was bringing a car around.  Weird....2 drivers?  Anyway, we wait and finally a black escalade, windows completely black, pulls up.  We are soooo trusting, so we got in this vehicle with these 2 men.  Michael had the route from the airport to the hotel pulled up on his phone and he was watching it carefully as we rode with these men who were taking us "fingers crossed" to the hotel!  I texted Michael as we rode and my text said, "if we get 
off course, give me the look and i'll open my door so we can jump out of the car!"  Fortunately, we didn't have to do that and later learned that these guys own a limo service.  In this eco
nomy, they are not getting much business so they decided to give rides in the escalade.  We made it to the hotel and were able to leave our bags with the front de
sk so we could head to the Yankees game.

We took the subway to Yankee stadium and arrived at the game in the 4th inning.  Yankee
stadium is gorgeous.  The field is gorgeous and the hot dogs were amazing!  :)  

The Yankees ended up losing, which was sad, but the experience was amazing.  There's nothing like a major league baseball game in the summer time!  (it helps when it's Yankee Stadium too!)  Michael was so excited and we both had a great time at the game.

After the game, we took the subway back to our hotel on Time Square and we were able to check in to our room.  The Crowne Plaza was super nice and we loved being right on Time Square.  Once we checked in, we decided to go walk around and just take everything i
n!  We were able to walk around Time Square and somewhat gain our bearings on where things were.  Time Square is amazing and pictures have never done it justice.  It is over stimulating for sure...all the lights, all the much fun!  We went into the M&M store, which was HUGE and had more M&Ms one could possibly imagine!  After buying some peanut butter M&Ms we headed back out onto Time Square to try to figure out where to go for dinner.  

We were walking down the street and I spotted a restaurant called ESPN
Zone.  I immediately knew this is where we had to eat...I know, you are thinking WHY??!!  After our wedding, when we arrived at the Gaylord Texan and were starving, that is the place we ate! Since this was our anniversary trip, and I hadn't seen this restaurant anywhere else, I thought it would be fun to eat there and remember our first "married" dinner together!  The place is so cool and the view of Time Square was great!

I would totally post more pics, but I am having trouble...when I add a new one, it keeps deleting the ones I have already posted. Any tips on this would be great!  :)

Anyway, after the baseball game, our first day mostly included walking around Time Square! We were in awe!  We were really exhausted from a long day so we headed to bed and were eager to start Day II of our trip!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Joy of Summer!

I love summer!  We are having a great time off!  Last week we took a trip to Lubbock.  We hadn't been back since we moved 3 years ago...crazy, I know!  We stayed with Michael's aunt and uncle and had an amazing time hanging out with Job, Janis, Jeff, and Jennifer!  Thanks Buschmans for a great week!  :)   We also were able to meet Mailey Williams!  She is adorable.  Her mom, Melissa discipled me all through college and it was so amazing to be back in their home hanging out!  Thanks for letting me hang out with you and your family!  On Tuesday night, we were able to have dinner with some sweet friends at Buns Over Texas.  We so enjoyed getting to see Tim, Kailee, Jake, Amanda, Coby, Jennifer, and meet baby Camren!  We left Lubbock so refreshed.  We have so many sweet memories there and it was fun to revisit those memories.  

On Monday Michael and I are flying to New York!  Michael surprised me early for our 4th wedding anniversary with a trip to New York.  It has been my dream to go there!  We are sooo excited!  We know for sure we are going to a Yankees game and to see Wicked on Broadway.  Those are the only things we've bought tickets for and planned so far!  If you have any "must dos" to share with me, please do!  I know it's a huge city and we won't be able to accomplish everything in just 5 days!  Any pointers you may have would be so appreciated!  I will definitely blog about the trip when we get back (with pictures).  This is going to be a much needed get away.  I feel like I'm going on my 2nd honeymoon!  :)  

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and trying to stay cool!  It's so hot!