Sunday, April 19, 2009

Home Improvement

Summer is quickly approaching...34 days of school left to be exact!  (but who's counting??)

After we moved in our house, I was super excited at first to get everything decorated and set up!  I did some stuff, but then busyness took over and I've let house stuff sit on the back burner for too long!  This summer I want to work on the house more.  We still have a spare room that is painted bright green with a bright green stripe around the walls because it was the previous owners' baby room...still needs to be painted!

I am not the greatest at decorating, choosing colors, knowing the "rules" of matching rooms with bathrooms in the house...or gardening.  So, I'm asking for your help!  Here are a few questions!  Feel free to respond to all of these or just a few!  I know some of you have skill in this area!
1.  Our spare bathroom is in between our two spare rooms.  Do the colors in this bathroom need to coordinate with the bedding in the spare bedroom? 
2.  What are some good stores with reasonable home decor prices?  I know about Kirklands and Home Goods...any others you like?  
3.  What do you do with a big blank wall?  What are some ideas for things to hang on a huge wall?  
4.  If our flower beds already have a liner to keep weeds out, do we just need to buy top soil to re-do them?  
5.  What kinds of flowers are good to grow in a flower bed that will make it through summer?

These might seem silly, but any help is definitely appreciated!  :)  Let the home projects begin!