Friday, August 29, 2008

"Don't Be Alarmed....

if Mason comes up to you with his ear in his hand."  

This is a statement that I heard at meet the teacher!  I bet this is a quote you have never heard before so I thought I'd share it!  A little boy in my room has a prosthetic ear.  When he gets hot and sweats sometimes the glue comes "unstuck" so his ear comes off.  I failed to inform the rest of my 1st grade team about this and the other day it happened at recess...when I was off recess duty!  I was doing some work in my classroom to look up and see little Mason putting something in his backpack.  I said, "hey bud, what are you doing?"  This is when he says, in a very matter of fact tone, "I'm only putting $9,000 in my backpack, my ear!"  Ok, so it's been a crazy week!  Starting school is hard work!  I was so used to the kids that left me at the end of last year who were almost 2nd graders...and now we have kids right out of kinder again!  It's an adjustment for sure!  I will say that yesterday I thought, "maybe teaching is not for me!"  Today was a much better day and I know that I am doing what I'm supposed to be doing.  There are a lot of things I have to just let go of...I can tend to get overwhelmed and I'm convinced that even if I stayed at school until midnight there would still be stuff to do.  Any teachers hearing me on that one?  

It's going to be a good year and I love getting to know the little (sometimes big) personalities of my 1st graders!  I love watching their growth as's amazing!  Hopefully I'll have more stories to blog about throughout the year!  

This is going to be a busy, but exciting month!  We are closing on a house on September 18th.  After having to walk away from the house we just loved....I didn't think we could ever find one we liked as much!  God totally blessed us with a house that we absolutely love and it's in a better location than the one before!  It's so humbling to me to know that He takes care of so many details....He is so faithful.  

The same day we close on the house, I will be going to my doctor's appointment.  I don't know if she will want to do tests yet.  I'm not sure what this appointment will involve.  I do know that I will talk to her about our desires to have a baby and explain the struggles we've had so far.  My current struggle is wondering if there's a "right" or "wrong" way to go about all of this as a believer.  I KNOW without a doubt that our Sovereign God has a plan and purpose for my life that He will bring to fruition...He has a plan and purpose for my child's life that is in His perfect timing. far do you go with doctors and science?  When do you take steps toward getting help or looking in to adoption.  These may seem like no brainers, but to me they are just things I've been thinking about lately.  I have felt alot of peace this month which I know is straight from Him!  I am thankful for it and I'm trying to give this up every day.  I would love words of wisdom from anyone who has experienced this or knows of someone who has.  In the meantime I am praying constantly that God gets the glory no matter what.  Michael and I pray for wisdom and leading and ask that you do the same for us!    I will definitely update after my doctors appointment.  

Ok, this post is super long!  I'm soooo glad this is a long weekend!!!!  Last weekend I heard Beth Moore at the Alamodome and it was incredible.  She taught about our inheritance!!!  I'll share more of that in another post!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

3 Years Ago Today...

...I married the love of my life!  I cherish the memories from our wedding day!  The past 3 years have been an amazing time of growth!  I am so thankful to be on this life journey with Michael!  He is my best friend and I love him with all of my heart!

Monday, August 11, 2008


change!  Michael and I are continuing to learn that the Lord has a plan for us and that He will bring that plan into fruition.  We have to live in faith, take some scary steps sometimes, and trust Him with our lives!  Sometimes this is easier said than done....right?

Last week we were supposed to close on our very first home!  We were so excited and I had already started to decorate the house in my mind!  :)  I'll spare you all of the crazy details, but we had to back out of this today.  The closing was moved to this week because they builders had not fixed anything from our inspection report.  It was like pulling teeth to try to get some of the things our inspector found fixed.  They would not provide a list of what they fixed.  They lied and told us the house was ready....without a functioning toilet downstairs, with no seals on the windows and doors, with no ladder to get into the attic, with a dishwasher that was loose in its place....and the list goes on and on.  Anyway, after being lied to and treated really poorly by the builders, Michael had to make the decision that he felt was best for us as a family.  I have to admit, I was not so supportive at first because of the emotional attachment part.....but I now realize that there must be something else for us.  So, we will continue to house hunt and pray for God's leading.

So, for my those of you wondering if we are moving soon....we are not buying the house!  I'll keep you updated as God does His thing!