Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's Been A While...

Somewhere between finding out we were having a boy and now, at 8 months pregnant, I have dropped blogging. I can't really even think of a good reason why. As I sit here now typing this, Michael is in Haiti. He has been gone since Thursday and will get home on Saturday. I miss him like crazy, but am so excited about what God is going in and through him over there. There is a team of 8 from our church building shelters for the Haitian people. I can't wait to hear all of his stories!

I think it is still surreal to me, even though I am clearly 36 weeks pregnant in so many ways, that we are having a baby! I am just still in awe of this miracle baby!

Here are some things that I want to remember about this pregnancy and things that I am so thankful for (some in a weird way!)...

1. I have had an intense sweet tooth during pregnancy, which is soooo not me! I would always pass up dessert before and now....well....I can't resist the sweets!
2. I have put on an excessive amount of weight...including an 8 pound weight gain between 2 week doctor appointments!
3. Maternity clothes that looked like they would never fit in the beginning are put away because I have now outgrown them!
4. Tatum is super active! We love to just watch my belly move. Sometimes I wonder if there really is only 1 baby in there because I can't figure out his acrobatics!
5. I haven't been able to wear my wedding rings in a really long time and can't wait to wear them again!
6. We have had so much fun getting Tatum's room ready and putting together his swing, bouncy, pack and play, and stroller!
7. Baby items require a lot of batteries!
8. Baby items take up a lot of space. I feel like we are outgrowing our house quickly!
9. I am measuring a cm big. The doctor says this could be a big baby!
10. I am a little scared and anxious about the "unknown" that is labor and delivery.
11. Walking 30 minutes a day is hard...really hard!
12. My hands and feet/ankles like to swell a lot!
13. I love the smell of Dreft and have had a lot of fun washing all of Tatum's clothes.
14. Tatum has a ton of clothes! Maybe more than his mommy and daddy! :)
15. God is preparing me for less sleep as sleep is hard these days because of discomfort.

We are so thankful, overwhelmed, humbled, blessed....I could go on and on. I can't wait to post pictures of our sweet little man! That will be a surreal day for me because I honestly wasn't sure when or if I would get to blog posting pictures of my own baby! God is so good!