Tuesday, June 16, 2009

For Such a Time as This

I am in a women's Bible study with ladies from our church.  We are doing Beth Moore's study on Esther!  It is changing my life!  The Lord is so faithful and the Spirit knows exactly what we need and when we need it.  There are so many things I've learned, but last week spoke so clearly to me in the season of life I am in.  

Ephesians 3:2 tells us there is "a time to be born and a time to die."  Beth Moore states, "God cut out those exact perimeters for you and me on the kingdom calendar so that we would be positioned on earth right now."

Acts 17:26 tells us that God, "determined the times as for us and the exact places that (we) should live."

This specific part of the study spoke so clearly to my heart because it reminds me that the days of my child's life are already set on the kingdom calendar!  Our child will be born and be placed on this earth to fulfill his/her purpose because God has determined the exact times and places he or she should live.  By grace, our children will come to a saving knowledge of Christ and by grace, our children will fulfill their God-given destinies for "such a time as this" when they are on this earth.  

At the end of the day's lesson, she posts the lyrics to the Steven Curtis Chapman's song "Miracle of the Moment."  I've heard this song many times, but never really paid attention to the words. I was so encouraged by reading them...

There's only ONE who knows what's really out there waiting
In all the moments yet to be and all we need to know is HE'S OUT THERE WAITING

To Him the future's history and He has given us a treasure called RIGHT NOW
And this is the only moment we can do anything about

And if it brings you tears then taste them as they fall and let them soften your heart
And if it brings you laughter then throw your head back and let it go

Listen to your heartbeat

There's a wonder in the here and now, it's right there in front of you
And I don't want you to miss THE MIRACLE OF THE MOMENT

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I am longing to be a mom.  I am struggling with patience.  I know God's plan is Sovereign.  I know that in His perfect timing, we will have a baby.  I trust Him completely.  I am thankful for the time Michael and I have and I cherish him as my greatest earthly blessing.  I still struggle with the raw emotion that goes along with infertility.  I am longing deep in my soul to be a mommy.  Praying, seeking, and longing...