Friday, March 13, 2009

Much Needed Spring Break!

Although I love my job, I have to say the best parts are June, July, August, 2 weeks at Christmas, 1 week for Thanksgiving and Spring Break!  This year we were able to go to Pagosa Springs, Colorado.  We stayed in Pagosa Springs and we skied Wolf Creek.  4 friends made the 15 hour trek with us in a rented mini van....awesome!  The drive was long, but well worth it!  
The whole group at the top of the mountain!

We stayed with some friends of our friend Dave who went with us.  The house we stayed in was amazing and the owners were amazing people who I feel blessed to have gotten to know a little bit.  Thank you so much Chris, Rachel, Sierra, and Cedar!  You made our trip so wonderful!

We skied for 3 days and it was a blast.  Michael snowboarded for the first time ever.  He did take some pretty rough falls, but ended up boarding blues most of the time.  I ventured out and skied my first black ever!  It was scary, but so much fun!  I am horrible at sports, especially ones that involve eye-hand coordination.  For some reason, when long things are attached to
 my feet, it feels natural!  I love to water ski and snow ski!  
      I still cannot figure out picture layout in this thing!  Sorry!
It was amazing to see the view from the top of the mountain.  I was thinking as I looked at the mountains and the beautiful snow how amazing it is that those mountains are there to glorify God. They were created to give Him glory and they cry out praises to Him in all of their beauty!All of this to say, Spring Break was great!  We feel so blessed to have this time off in March to recoop!  We feel extremely blessed to have it off together!  What a good thing the Lord has done for us!