Monday, February 23, 2009


Some things that have been happening lately...
  • I went this past weekend to Michael's cousin's bachelorette weekend.  It was so fun and such a blessing to be with his sweet aunt and cousins.  I am so blessed to be part of this family!
  • My dad went on a Precept ministries men's retreat this past weekend.  The theme of the weekend was breaking strongholds of the past.  Mom called Sunday to say that he stood up in front of the church to talk about what the Lord is doing in his life.  He told them that he struggles with alcoholism and needs their help.  Praise God, this is a HUGE answer to prayer.
  • Shared another valentine's day with the love of my life!  We went to dinner reeeaaalllly early, like at 4:30 then went to set up church.  It was a sweet time because I was able to reflect on Michael, his passion for me and his passion for ministry.  I love his heart and am so blessed to be his bride!
  • Michael and I had a major heart to heart about all the baby stuff.  It can be overwhelming!  We talked about how we don't want to look back at this time in our marriage and have memories of being miserable because we couldn't have kids.  We want to enjoy each other and be used affectively in ministry.  We know that if we allow ourselves to be consumed by our sadness, we will become inaffective.  After this conversation, the peace that came over me has been indescribable.
  • About a week after our conversation I was ironically standing in Babies R Us with my friend Amber who is 5 months pregnant.  We had gone to buy some boy clothes for her sweet baby on the way!  While I was there my phone rang and I answered.  It was my doctor's office calling with the results of some blood work I had to have done.  The first question the nurse asked was, "did you even have a cycle last month?"  I knew that since they were checking for ovulation, this was not a good question...because yes, I had.  She told me that progesterone levels following ovulation will be on average about a 10.  Mine was 2.6.  Ok, so this is low.  This is not great news.  That peace I was talking about....overwhelming peace....that passes all understanding....guarding my heart!  Amazing!  I was in Babies R Us hearing that I don't ovulate and I had peace.  Thank you Jesus for Your grace and Your overwhelming peace!  I am going through one more round of blood work this month and then we will talk about clomid.  
  • Truly thank you to those who are praying.  We know that His timing is perfect.  We know we will have a sweet baby that is ours someday.  Pray specifically for continued peace over our thoughts and hearts.  Pray for my body, that a miracle would occur.  Pray for patience.  Pray that we are used in this situation for His glory!  We love you and we know that we have prayer warriors!  We are forever grateful and so overwhelmed by Him in these days!
"I want to sit at Your feet, drink from the cup in Your hand, lay back against You and breathe, fill Your heartbeat.  This love is so deep, it's more than I can stand.  I melt in Your peace, it's overwhelming!"  (The More I Seek You by: Kari Jobe)