Saturday, October 11, 2008

Michael's Favorite Things...

Thanks for tagging me Magen!  I've needed a blogging idea for a while now!  :)  So here we go...

My husband's favorite things in no particular order...

~Coming home to our new house every day!  (I'll put up new pics soon that actually have our stuff in the house!

~His guitars....he loves playing guitar and he's taught himself so much over the years.

~Cereal!  The man could eat cereal every meal of every day.  What kinds?  Any cereal that most kids between the ages of 4 and 12 get excited about!  Fruity pebbles, fruit loops, apple jacks, cinnamon life, corn pops.....

~Preaching/Teaching/Studying the Word:  He truly is a gifted communicator of the gospel.  I love hearing him preach, that's one of my favorite things!  He really "comes alive" when he's preaching and teaching.

~Football and all things that are ESPN!  He loves to watch and know about sports!  Spurs basketball, college football esp. Texas Tech....he just loves all of it!

~Spending time with and talking ministry with his closest guy friends, including his dad!

~His family!  He loves his family and would do anything for any of them!  He loves that Julie and Bill live in S.A. now with the kids.  He loves to visit Shelby and Ricky and the boys!  He has a blast with his niece and nephews and they loving call him Uncle Mike, which make them the only people to call him Mike!  He has an amazing relationship with his mom and dad.  He really enjoys spending time at their house on Sunday afternoons!

~Shhhh...don't tell this one!  :)  Shopping!  Yes, it's husband likes to go shopping more than I do!  ;)

~Dreaming of owning cool electronic equipment!  He frequently dreams of the next i this and i that.  He loves anything that Apple comes out with!  He loves to go to Best Buy to just "look."

~Running!  He's up to 14 miles in his training for the San Antonio Rock N' Roll Marathon and he weirdly "loves" running.  I didn't know those two words could ever go together!

~The Church at Vineyard Hills:  He loves being a part of what God is doing there!  

~Tickling my feet!  Unfortunately, this is one of his favorite things...too bad I am reeeaaalllly ticklish!  I guess that's what makes it fun?!

~He frequently tells me that he loves being on this journey with me.  He loves to go on dates and hang out, just me and him.  He loves surprising me in sweet ways.  He loves to lay on the couch with me and watch a movie. 

Ok, so there are my husband's favorite things!  I cannot figure out how to attach appropriate pictures because when I try to put a pic in to make this more fun to look at, they all go to the top and I can't change it!  Hmmmm... how do you get them right where you want them and then put text under them?  Any tips would be appreciated!  

Thanks for the tag Magen!  
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