Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'm Back!

It takes me so long between each post that I should really just stop apologizing!  Maybe I should commit to a day of the week to blog....I'll have to think about that and see what I can come up with!  

I'm sitting here on the couch and it's the night of December 20th.  Christmas is 4 days away.  I wish I could say I was finished shopping, but the truth is, we have alot to do!  Thankfully Michael and I are both off this week and the week after that.  We will have some time on Monday and Tuesday to shop.  We are those people who wait until the last minute.  Next year I want to be one of those people who finishes Christmas shopping in November!  We'll see if that happens!  We have so much fun shopping for our nieces and nephews at Christmas!  This year my mom and dad are coming to San Antonio for Christmas.  We are so excited to host them in our new house!  We are going to take them to a Spurs game and try to do a few other "San Antonio" things while they are here.  We are looking forward to our time with them.

As far as a baby journey update...
I had an HSG test done a few weeks ago.  This is a test where they insert dye into the uterus and watch under x-ray.  They are checking to make sure there is no blockage.  They are able to see if the dye spills over into the fallopian tubes without any trouble.  This test was extremely painful, but we found out that everything on my insides looks good.  This was a huge relief!  Praise God!  The next step is to have my blood tested on the 3rd day of my next cycle and then again on the 21st day.  They are going to check my hormone levels to see if I have ovulated or not.  My cycles have been totally out of whack lately so this will be interesting!  We are still confident in our Lord and His timing.  We continue to seek Him as we take our next steps.         I will say that I have heard some interesting things through all of this...some of my favorites have been...
*  "When you stop thinking about it, you'll become pregnant."
*  "You need to drink some wine so you can relax and then...."
*  "I'll be a surrogate for you.  I love being pregnant, I just don't like it when the kids come out."      (I'm not kidding.)
*  "You're young.  Once you have kids you're whole life will change.  There's no rush."
*  "You can borrow mine for a while.  They drive me crazy."

Let's just say this journey is very interesting.  I'm sure those of you that experienced any infertility issues have heard some of the same things!  
I will try not to make every blog about this and I know one day I'll be posting pics of our precious child up on here!  

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!  I love this time of year and am reminded of grace and mercy upon our lives.  What a wonderful Savior!